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The Regulators Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood of law enforcement officers, court officers, correctional officers and other First Responders. As well as likeminded individuals such as EMS, Firefighters, military and civilians who support both First Responders and military personnel.  


Regulators LEMC is an old school club with traditions dating back to the 1800's where the Regulators were an American Old West deputized posse that fought in the Lincoln County War. They had famous members such as Billy the Kid, Ab Saunders and Doc Scurlock to name a few. Our club was established in August 2018 in CIncinnati, OH. In January 2019, we started to form several chapters throughout the United States. We respect all other colors, cuts and clubs and expect the same in return. 

We are a non-profit club that raises money for different organizations and causes. The goal of our club is to enjoy the freedom of the wind in our face, as well as the open road and to help those in need. Our foundation is laid by the men and women who risk their lives everyday by serving their communities. 

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